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Jul 2022 — Present

Walr unify smart technology and thoughtful expertise to bring efficiency to online research.

As the Lead UX Designer at Walr, I've been entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the Walr Platform. In this role, I've meticulously designed and crafted solutions that place a strong emphasis on UX/UI design, aligning closely with user needs. My process involves creating detailed wireframes and prototypes to ensure a user-centric approach to the platform's development.

Working in close collaboration with developers, I've not only conceptualized the design but also taken a hands-on approach to implement a significant portion of my designs. This hands-on involvement ensures a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality, reinforcing the commitment to efficiency in online research that defines Walr's mission. I work closely with product owners to ensure that the design aligns perfectly with the overall vision and goals of the Walr Platform.